Meet Pinige Daisakulshoo, Invacare Asia’s Senior Supplier Quality Engineer

05 August 2020

Pinige, who is passionate about teamwork, loves his job at Invacare as he says that for society to be complete is needs people with differences, including those with a disability. “It is our responsibility to develop devices that help everyone to live an equal and accessible life, and this is what we do at Invacare.”

Having your say on public policy that affects you – by Geoff Trappett OAM

31 July 2020

How do you go about having your say on public policy decisions that are important to you as a disabled person? Why should you? 

Whether it be commenting on the development of a new National Disability Strategy, the Australian Building Codes Board consultation on accessible housing or reviews of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT) there are many pieces of work underway that will have a direct effect on how you as a disabled person interact with the world as an Australian citizen. 

Speaking your language – by Charlotte Palmer, Physiotherapist

23 July 2020

Upgrading the equipment of a hospital or rest home could make staff and patients’ lives easier, or make a normal task more of a chore. We have recently won the tender to replace the Canterbury District Health Board’s mattresses. This includes training on the Softform Premier Active 2 mattress and pumps for 12 hospitals, all of which are different sizes and have different patient demographics. 

Meet Thepdanuj Danswasvong (Kare), Invacare Asia’s Marketing Associate

17 July 2020

Thepdanuj Danswasvong (Kare), Invacare Asia’s Marketing Associate, loves the culture of his workplace and the working environment of the company, saying that, “we help and support each other.” 

Meet Josh Brass – by Eliza Ault-Connell AM

14 July 2020

Josh Brass is a pocket rocket of dynamo proportions. When asked about just how many sports he participates in he says “I just do heaps, I can't keep track!' 

Josh, who is originally from New Zealand but now resides in Queensland Australia, goes on to name track, tennis, obstacle course racing, triathlons, swimming and personal training to name a few. His attitude towards life and being active

is insatiable. When asked about his dream sport to get involved in he is quick to answer ice hockey, because he adores being on the ice and loves going fast. 

Becoming Independent - by Alicia Kapa

30 June 2020

Life has changed a lot this year for the entire world but it is about to change a whole lot more for my family and I. For the last year I have wanted to go flatting as every 21 year old wants to do but I discovered that it’s not that easy to find a house that is accessible. This means that I am staying at home and my parents are moving out, this is happening next weekend. To be exact, the 4th of July, Independence Day which is ironic.

11-year-old Lucas Pedersen tells us about his experiences with wheelchair racing

22 June 2020

Hi, my name is Lucas and I am 11 years old. I was born with spina bifida, I am a full-time wheelchair user. I am a member of Parafed Waikato and part of their Youth Club. 

My favourite sport is push rim wheelchair racing. I love it because it is fun and you can get some speed up, also I am with other people who are like me. 

Reframing the meaning of disability – by Marlena Katene

18 June 2020

The other day my flatmate went outside and found his car with a flat tyre. After around 20 minutes of struggling to get the wheel off, he came in swearing and blaming not having the right equipment rather than admit his “inability” to change the wheel.  

Facing Adversity: Life with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) - By Ian Walker

05 June 2020

You may have a great career, be in a loving relationship, partaking in activities you are passionate about, in essence, life is progressing well for you. Then in a split second, it is all turned upside down! 

In 2006 I became a paraplegic after breaking my back in a cycling accident and then in 2019 I became a quadriplegic when run over by a 4WD while out handcycling. How did I manage to not only face but also come through these adversities? 

Celebrating Disability in Film - By Susan Seipel

13 May 2020

While we are all staying home to protect each other from the spread of COVID-19, what better time than now to enjoy a movie marathon. These titles feature a protagonist that has a disability and storylines that empower people with disabilities. As society becomes more inclusive, so should representation of disability in film. What other films can you recommend that show people living with disabilities in a positive way? 

37 Seconds(2020) Drama