Kurt Fearnley named co-captain of the Australian athletics team

21 March 2018

Invacare's sponsored athlete, Kurt Fearnley, was named co-captain of the Australian athletics team on Tuesday with the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games just a fortnight away. Wheelchair-racing champion Fearnley and Olympic-gold medalist Sally Pearson have been chosen to lead the 109-strong track-and-field squad from April 4. Read full article below: http://www.theherald.com.au/story/5295194/fearnley-named-athletics-leader/

Invacare Top End handcycles featured @ the 3rd Giro Di Bali event

15 March 2018

Giro Di Bali When: 27th-30th April 2018 Where: Bali, Indonesia Find out more below: http://balisports.com/foundation

Mr. Bandari's Story

12 January 2018

Invacare's very own Zak Rehman had the pleasure of being able to make a great change to the daily life of Mr. Bandari on behalf of Invacare, describing the experience as extremely humbling. 80 year old Mr. Bandari is a multiple stroke patient who has lived with the condition for the past 15 years.

TDX SP2 and LiNX

14 September 2017

Featuring revolutionary Ultra Low Maxx and LiNX technologies, the TDX SP2 is the perfect mix of functionality, customisation and style that adapts to your body, needs and desired lifestyle. Boasting unrivalled comfort, drive performance and manoeuvrability. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXm9uizV8vQ

Invacare Relieved from Consent Decree Restrictions

16 August 2017

July 25, 2017 In recent years, Invacare has been leading a transformation journey that places the consumer and customer at the center 24/7/365.

With an uncompromising focus on quality, service, and talent, Invacare is building solutions that demonstrate a long-term commitment in empowering its customers. It is now easier to do business with Invacare. Effective immediately, Invacare Corporation is now able to make and sell power and manual wheelchairs from its Taylor Street facility without restriction under the Consent Decree.

McCracken has finished the year in style

01 December 2016

Bundaberg's Rheed McCracken has finished the year in style with an award at the Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association dinner on Friday. Recognised for his two medals in the 100m and 800m in the T34 class as the Rio Paralympics, McCracken was named as the junior male athlete of the year by the association.

Top End Slam Down Under basketball tournament at Shellharbour City Stadium

09 November 2016

The 2016 Top End Slam Down Under saw players of all skill levels competing in 15 teams. Honourable mentions to the teams and players from New Zealand, Queensland and Victoria for making the effort to travel and compete in this year’s event.

Congratulations to Keltan Williams on being named Player of the Tournament and to these players in being selected to the All-star 5’s for their division

The next generation cushion - Superior comfort with the highest level of protection and positioning

01 November 2016

The best of both worlds

The foam base conforms and supports the user comfortably for maximum pressure redistribution and stability, while the fluid sac counteracts the negative effects of pressure and shear. The unique non-temperature sensitive fluid sac removes the requirement for kneading or maintenance making this cushion ideal for anyone from active users to those with complex seating needs.

Cutting edge design

“Making Life’s Experiences Possible”

30 October 2016

“Making Life’s Experiences Possible” To the Invacare Team, Just wanted to thank you for the 2 Force 3 Handcycles I recently purchased off Invacare. One is soon to be on its way to a lady in desperate in need of a handcycle in Coffs Harbour for 6 months until she can source the funding for her own so she can keep competing which she is absolutely stoked about. The other we are working on establishing a program out of Newcastle in the future. Anyway just wanted to say Thank You to Invacare for the product. Hope you have a nice day.

How good and inspirational is this!

05 October 2016

A man came up to me and said he could see his sons face change as he watched it and the excitement it brought him. The son had no idea what he could accomplish in a wheelchair because he had just got sick of people feeling sorry for him and telling him everything would be okay when for him, it wouldn't! He has only been in a chair 6 months and was very depressed and this video gave him something to strive for.