Product Recalls

Invacare Birdie and Birdie Compact Recall for Product Correction

In the interests of the safety of our customers, we would like to bring to your attention the correct assembly of the D-Clip that connects the actuator to the Invacare Birdie lifter’s arm. The lifter arm and actuator do not arrive assembled together at the Customer. As a result of some vigilance cases overseas, where the actuator’s D-Clip becomes damaged and the lifter arm falls down, we have become aware that if the D-Clip is always placed backwards and pointing down towards the actuator, it can start to become damaged after a number of cycles.

This notification requires the device to be inspected to confirm whether the lifter has been assembled correctly at the point of the end user.

Please read the links below for more information.

D-Clip Recall Letter

Birdie Supplement

Customer Response Form

Invacare Platinum Oxygen Concentrator
Invacare has recently identified a supplier quality issue that potentially impacts certain Invacare® Platinum concentrators.

This letter is to provide you with the important information concerning the potential for a ruptured compressor motor start/run capacitor.

Invacare has become aware of five reported instances in the European Union in which the capacitor, an internal electrical component of the concentrator, ruptured which results in a potential fire hazard. In two of those instances, the ruptured capacitor expelled its oily components and caught fire inside the concentrator, and in one unit burned through the outer plastic shroud of the concentrator.

In both cases the fire was extinguished quickly without assistance from the professional fire department. There were no injuries reported in any of the five instances. What is the problem? Invacare has learned that the PSI (Pressure Sensitive Interrupter) design for the compressor motor start/run capacitor by one supplier could lead to rupture.

That capacitor in the oxygen concentrator has an internal pressure relief component (the PSI) which may not operate as intended permitting the capacitor to rupture in certain circumstances. If the PSI does not function to relieve the heat and pressure due to a short circuit within the capacitor, then the pressure can cause a rupture in the seam between the housing and the end plate. If the rupture occurs, the oil may be expelled from the capacitor which may result in a fire hazard. These capacitors were utilized in production from March 2010 to August 2012 at one of our manufacturing sites.

Please contact - Invacare recall support at 1800 814 367 or email to