Invacare Dealer Profile - MCS Mobility

19 July 2019

MCS Mobility who are based in Merrylands, New South Wales, stock a wide range of Invacare products including beds, power lifts, wheelchairs, and cushions. 

Having been in operation for 7 years, Sam Chadic, Sales Manager at MCS Mobility, was initially inspired to start the business after spending a lot of time with his wife’s and his own elderly parents and wanting to do more to help those less able.  He says, “the idea to start our business originated many years ago whilst I was driving a school bus for kids with additional needs.” 

Parenting with a Disability

19 July 2019

“When I’m out with my girls, people don’t expect that I’m their mother.” 

“If we do have a child we get asked if it is ours, ‘who is the parent?’, ‘where is the parent?’, or ‘why are you holding it?’”

“I was so scared social services would take my child away because of feeding him on the floor... I was really scared because I wasn't doing things the normal way if you like, that they'd take him away.”

Meet Matthew Brunton who is in charge of Inside Sales and Customer Experience at Invacare

11 July 2019

Matthew Brunton looks after Invacare’s Inside Sales Customer Experience, and says, “I’m really excited to be a part of the Invacare direct to customer website that’s being set up and look forward to making it as intuitive as possible!”

Matthew’s role involves converting customer leads into sales, currently for SMOOV One, Invacare’s newest innovative electric drive that flexibly docks to wheelchairs. “The Customer Experience segment allows me to share my knowledge to develop new and improved documentation and processes for the customer service team.”

Invacare Power Chairs by Amanda Slade

05 July 2019

Amanda Slade is a client of Steve Burgess, Invacare Australia / New Zealand's Business Leader Customer Power. Amanda wrote this brief account which runs through her thoughts about her journey to finding the power chair that meets her needs perfectly.


"I remember my first Invacare wheelchair. I had an Arrow power chair without tilt at that stage, with a joystick head control.

Adaptive Fashion

24 June 2019

The proverb “clothes make the man”, meaning that people will judge you by the clothes you wear, has quite an impressive literary pedigree – from Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’ in 8 B.C. to William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ in 1600, to Mark Twain in the late 1800s - the importance of making a good impression by way of your attire has been around for a long time. 

Meet Invacare GM of Rentals in New Zealand Sharelle Lincoln

07 June 2019

Sharelle Lincoln, General Manager of Rentals New Zealand, says she loves how working for Invacare provides her with the opportunity to ‘give back’.  “We truly make a difference to others, and this is important to me. I have also found that Invacare is a business that encourages staff to be empowered and progress, another important perk of my workplace.“

Caring for the carers

21 May 2019

Carers are an integral part of Australia and New Zealand's health system and are the foundation of our aged, disability, palliative, and community care systems. Australia has over 2.7 million carers, approximately 12% of the population and New Zealand has 430,000 carers, about 10% of the population, however, this number may not represent the true number of carers. Many people in caring roles do not identify as carers and as such are often not linked to services and support that can assist them.

Meet Invacare Territory Business Manager QLD and Northern NSW Denice Neale

18 May 2019

Denice Neale, Invacare Territory Business Manager QLD and Northern NSW, is committed to her role at the company and is determined to make a positive impact on people’s lives, and this is also something she is very keen to have her customers know about her.

Denice says, “I love explaining the differences between cost and value propositions so that when possible the end user gets the quality equipment they deserve.”

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums in the Invacare community

08 May 2019

This Mother’s Day we are celebrating all the mums who make up the Invacare community – mums who are our clients, partners, and our staff. Caren Williams, Invacare Australia/New Zealand Accounts Receivable Officer and mum, tells us a little about her role and about being an "Invacare mum".

Meet Invacare Technician Jason Williams

07 May 2019

Jason Williams, Invacare Technician, enjoys being “hands-on”, and considers himself a fast learner who is not afraid to try new things.  Jason has worked in various roles at Invacare Australia/New Zealand over the years, including Rentals Installer and Rentals Store person. Currently, Jason’s role primarily involves servicing oxygen and rentals equipment.

Jason says, “As an individual, I play my role the best I can as small contributions can have an impact on my team and the business. Even after 9 years, I am still learning something interesting.”