Meet David Cotter, Invacare's hard working HR Business Partner

07 February 2019

David Cotter, our HR Business Partner, has helped make Invacare the progressive culture it is today. David considers employees to be his clients and his great strengths lie is his open mindedness, and how he is naturally intent on creating diversity.

David said “I’m here to support staff in making the best contribution they can to the business, assist managers in making good hiring decisions, and to ensure we have the right people on board.” David enjoys how Invacare provides opportunities to develop staff, saying “like any great culture, it’s an evolving one!”

Helping to prevent pressure ulcers

05 February 2019

A quick guide for registered managers of care homes

Pressure ulcers can be serious and lead to life-threatening complications, such as blood poisoning and gangrene.

However, taking some simple steps can reduce the chance of pressure ulcers developing.

Who is most likely to get a pressure ulcer?

Anyone living in a care home can develop a pressure ulcer, but some of the factors that make it more likely are:

Risk Assessment


Aussie and Kiwi bloggers and influencers you need to follow right now!

29 January 2019

Social media has changed the way we communicate, receive information, and connect with others. There is an extraordinary array of people who are blogging, posting and tweeting about their lives and passions that are fun to follow for inspiration, entertainment and information. But when you look at some of these bloggers can you see yourself? Although there have been strides made in promoting diversity and inclusion in many areas, disabled people are still on the fringes of these movements – visible, yet still invisible.

Introducing Graham Alt, our Technical Team Leader

29 January 2019

Next up in our Meet the Team series, is Graham Alt, our hard working Technical Team Leader. Graham’s role involves leading a team of technical specialists who help resolve issues that customers may have with Invacare products. Graham says “our products provide mobility to a wide variety of people, and sometimes they have issues, which is quite a problem for them.”

Great gifts for people with a disability

21 January 2019

Looking for gift ideas for a friend with a disability? We’ve compiled some suggestions that make the most of modern advances!

Smart home devices can become your ‘always available’ personal assistant. These advanced products can perform simple tasks - making reservations, scheduling, looking up facts, turning compatible electronic devices on / off, and even ordering products online. Plus, you’ve got songs and audiobooks on tap with Bluetooth speakers. Christmas carols here you come!

Surf's Up! Taking a dip at the best accessible beaches in Australia and New Zealand

21 January 2019

Going to the beach is a quintessential part of Aussie and Kiwi culture, from swimming and splashing about in the waves to playing on the sand, it’s a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Meet Christine Kim, Invacare’s Financial Planning and Analysis expert

09 January 2019

Christine, who loves to live life to the full, has ten years experience in financial accounting and ten plus years in Financial Planning and Analysis. Christine previously worked in the chemical and the medical industries. These days her role at Invacare involves financial planning for business, reporting of results, and interpreting numbers.

Christine loves a good challenge, and happily her role at Invacare offers lots of them! “There is always room for improvement and you can be involved in so many areas if you are willing and have time to do so.”


08 January 2019

A new year can be a great way to set some personal health goals.

Are you looking for ways to get more active and stay fit this year? Take a look, we’ve lined up some exciting and fun ways to help your health goals, but first some advice...

Prioritise Health

Holiday Trading

05 December 2018

Closed: 25th-26th December 2018 & 1st January 2019

Invacare Top End chairs featured at Invictus Games Sydney

29 October 2018

Game On Down Under!! Australian Athletes competing at the Invictus Games featured in Invacare Top End Sports Chairs