Celebrating Women in Aged Care

19 March 2019

When Jenny was growing up, her goal was to get a job to help support her family. It wasn't until both of her parents were in aged care that she became aware of her passion for helping people. Jenny now cares for a range of residents with dementia in an aged care centre providing person-centred activities.

Adelphia's journey in aged care started when she was still in primary school. Her grandmother lived with her family and she became very close to her before she moved back to New Zealand. She is now an aged care nurse, a friend, a shoulder to cry on, and a loves to help people in any way possible.

Meet Grace, a team leader whose desire is to provide the highest level of clinical care. She hopes to inspire nurses to work in aged care. “Aged care will change their lives and give them experience and satisfaction they will never find elsewhere. It isn’t for the faint-hearted, but so well worth it!”

These are just a handful of the inspiring women who work tirelessly in aged care whose achievements are profiled in the social media campaign #CelebratingWomenInAgedCare.

Run by Amanda Terranova and Samantha Bowen who both work in aged care, the goal is to recognise and honour women in the aged care industry. Both Amanda and Samantha featured in Dr Kirstin Ferguson’s 2017 #CelebratingWomen project, which profiled two women from every walk of life every day for a year. Influenced by the project, they decided to start the #CelebratingWomenInAgedCare campaign because of the negativity surrounding the aged care industry. They decided to focus on the positive aspects of the industry, specifically the many women that work within it who go above and beyond every day, who are empowering and encouraging others to do the same.

Co-Creator Samantha Bowen says honouring the women who work in aged care has a beneficial impact.

“We’re saying to women, ‘we admire you, please help us celebrate you’ and a lot feel very humbled because they don’t see themselves being recognised in their work. It’s not always the flashy stuff; it’s the grit, determination and everyday things,” she says.

Scrolling through the many profiles already featured, women have been nominated from a wide range of countries like India, Sweden, and Tanzania, and a diverse range of backgrounds including IT consultants, carers, and management roles within the sector, and all share one thing in common: passion.

“I am passionate about improving the lives and experiences of ageing Australians. As a research-focused architect, I am dedicated to creating communities and environments which are inclusive, engaged, connected, intergenerational, and diverse. Communities which promote wellness, harness creativity, aspire, innovate and impact society positively.” Nikki (Profile #63)

“I am very proud to be part of this growing and passionate industry. I can honestly say I have never worked with so many caring, compassionate and inspiring people across the spectrum of service delivery, who love what they do and strive every day to make a positive difference.” Jacqueline (Profile #39)

“I wish people knew how going home with love in your heart is worth more than money in your pocket.” Jenni (Profile #61)

With healthcare professionals being involved with Invacare and so many elderly people using Invacare’s products, is there a woman who works in aged care that you would like to celebrate? You can nominate inspiring women or you can nominate yourself to be celebrated in the campaign. Every profile submitted in 2019 will be featured in the social media campaign.

For more information about #CelebratingWomenInAgedCare, head to their website https://www.celebratingwomeninagedcare.com/

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