The next generation cushion - Superior comfort with the highest level of protection and positioning

01 November 2016

The best of both worlds

The foam base conforms and supports the user comfortably for maximum pressure redistribution and stability, while the fluid sac counteracts the negative effects of pressure and shear. The unique non-temperature sensitive fluid sac removes the requirement for kneading or maintenance making this cushion ideal for anyone from active users to those with complex seating needs.

Cutting edge design

While the Matrx® Libra® fluid sac ensures maximum protection for bony prominences, the anatomically contoured foam base optimizes pelvic support and positioning. 

What’s more, the durable, high resilient foam is treated with Ultra-Fresh™ for added anti-microbial and odor protection. Additional signature features such as a trochanteric shelf, rear cushion radius, mid-line support and waterfall front edge make the Matrx® Libra® stand out from the rest. Next generation lightweight design The innovative foam construction together with the advanced design of a newly developed fluid sac using Invacare’s Flo-tech™ technology makes this cushion up to 40% lighter in weight compared to other high-end Invacare® Matrx® Flo-tech cushions*.

The result is a cushion that offers superior support and protection all in a light weight package, perfect for an active lifestyle. Highly personalized The Matrx® Libra® envelops the user for superior pressure redistribution, while bony prominences comfortably immerse into a dual-layered fluid sac for optimal protection and shear reduction.

The Matrx® Libra® comes with a range of accessories including front, side, tapered, and abductor wedges, as well as supplemental fluid packs for targeted protection and positioning, making the cushion adaptable for differing seating needs. The new Matrx® Libra® cushion combines an anatomically contoured, high resilient foam base with a dual layered fluid overlay using Flo-tech™ technology to provide optimal positioning and skin protection. Bringing together cutting edge design with innovative clinical features, this lightweight cushion has been designed with function, lifestyle, and protection in mind.

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