Meet Stephen Dean, a hard working and knowledgeable Invacare Technician

18 March 2019

Stephen Dean is an Invacare Technician who is passionate about reducing the amount of time customers wait for repairs and spare parts.

Stephen, who regularly visits Invacare customers to repair items, as well as visiting nursing homes to train maintenance staff to attend to minor issues, says, “customers and the nursing homes find this service very valuable as it saves them a lot of time and worry.”

Stephen’s role is varied and involves assembling powered wheelchairs and some patient lifters (hoists). “I also carry out inspections on products to ensure all parts are included and that they are working correctly prior to being shipped to the customer.” From time to time Stephen conducts training on how to repair certain products for Invacare dealers: “It gives them a better understanding of how the products perform.” Stephen also assists with warehouse duties when there is a backlog of urgent orders.

Stephen’s previous technical experience is extensive and comes from initially being trained as an Electrical Fitter Mechanic, as well as working with his late father in his electrical contracting business. “Additionally I worked in my own business subcontracting to Invacare for repairs and working for Northcott Equipment Services, repairing wheelchairs, beds and a various assortment of water chairs. I also worked With Ansett Airlines as an Electrical Aircraft Engineer.”

Stephen enjoys his role, saying, “I Like the work I do at Invacare - It is varied and interesting, and it has taught me new skills.”

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Stephen considers himself a “natural technician” with his experience obtained over a number of years. He has his own metal working lathe left to him by his father, amongst many other technician's tools.

Stephen says, “I believe in performing a task to the best of my ability. First of all, I want to help the customers, and also I want to help Invacare reach its goals.”

When not at work, Stephen’s chosen hobby is working on model trains, and building dioramas for them. His favourite book is the Bible: “It tells you how to have success in life.” And Stephen also enjoys “Short Stories” by Henry Lawson.

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