Meet Matthew Brunton who is in charge of Inside Sales and Customer Experience at Invacare

11 July 2019

Matthew Brunton looks after Invacare’s Inside Sales Customer Experience, and says, “I’m really excited to be a part of the Invacare direct to customer website that’s being set up and look forward to making it as intuitive as possible!”

Matthew’s role involves converting customer leads into sales, currently for SMOOV One, Invacare’s newest innovative electric drive that flexibly docks to wheelchairs. “The Customer Experience segment allows me to share my knowledge to develop new and improved documentation and processes for the customer service team.”

Previously having worked at Apple for 5 years, Matthew brings experience to his role that he hopes to use to improve processes to benefit both customer satisfaction and order processing.

“I was a trainer for the Mac T2 division of the company which means training senior employees on troubleshooting and handling complex customer service inquiries. I was a Team Leader while not training which involved managing and developing a team of 20 employees. Prior to this, I was a “Quality Coach” where I had to listen to calls of advisors and measure them against certain attributes in order to improve key KPI’s. I’ve also been running an online business from home for the last 2 years.”

Matthew says that one of the things he really likes about his new role at Invacare is that "it feels a lot more relaxed and people-oriented compared to my previous workplace. At Invacare, I’ve noticed everyone has a smile on their face ninety-nine percent of the time and everyone seems very happy which is awesome to be around!”

Born in England, Northampton, as a youth Matthew was “soccer-mad” and used to play every day for many years. He then moved with his family to Green Bay in New Zealand, close to the beach, and what he describes as “the polar opposite to where I’d come from.” Matthew has been in New Zealand for 15 years now and says he’s “loved every minute of it! Bring on the summer!”

Matthew’s driving values are tenacity and honesty. “I think being tenacious in everything you do allows you to get the most out of yourself and others, and sets a standard of productivity. And "honesty", I value, in the context of being honest with yourself.”

When not at work Matthew loves traveling and socialising. He says that he enjoys being around people, and hanging out with his girlfriend and friends. “I’ve traveled to over 10 different countries now and really enjoy experiencing other people’s culture and way of life. I ultimately want to travel to every country on every major continent.” His favourite books include those with space and science fiction themes and also autobiographies. 


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