Meet Josie Katu, our Senior Rentals Customer Service Rep

18 February 2019

Josie Katu, our Senior Rentals Customer Service Rep, has a favourite quote: “Life is Short! SMILE while you still have teeth!” And Josie’s cheerful disposition definitely reinforces this positive attitude.

Josie is a big believer in quality communication and quality customer service. Josie says “I am part of the very awesome Rentals Customer Service Team. Every day is different whether I am processing Rental orders or processing Rental collections. We have very strict time frames in Rentals which I like to help implement to the team, and as I have been in this role the longest, I am often teaching the team our processes as we go.” Josie has been working at Invacare for 11 years, so really knows her way around.

Originally Josie worked in the Rentals warehouse with her mum, Alice David, who taught her everything she needed to know. Her mum has been with Invacare for 19 years now! “I was asked by the Admin Team at that time if I was able to enter in orders to help them out whilst I was in the warehouse, and I took to it like a pro. We won the contract and I officially became a Rentals Administrator in 2014, and have been a part of this evolving team ever since.” The things that Josie loves most about her role include the people that have become her friends over the years, and also hearing feedback from customers regarding their service. Some customers have become great friends who like to call for a chat.

Josie also loves how friendly the Invacare team is - she says “I love the fact that our boss knows our names and makes an effort to do his rounds every morning when he is in.” Josie was born and raised in South Auckland in Otara. “Although I am the youngest of three, I grew up with a lot of family around me, as most Cook Islanders do. My mother is my reason in life, my purpose. You can say I grew up in this business.” Josie highly values both integrity and accountability and takes pride in every task given. “At the moment our team is gaining some momentum and I want to work to keep that momentum growing by assisting wherever I can with my Team Leader and team.”

When not at work, Josie likes to sing and listen to music and is in her family band, called Aftershock. Music is very important to Josie, with her favourite artists being Celine Dion, The Eagles and Whitney Houston. Josie particularly loves spending time with her two nephews Terii and Zechariah and newborn niece, Tarita who is only two weeks old.

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