Meet Christine Kim, Invacare’s Financial Planning and Analysis expert

09 January 2019

Christine, who loves to live life to the full, has ten years experience in financial accounting and ten plus years in Financial Planning and Analysis. Christine previously worked in the chemical and the medical industries. These days her role at Invacare involves financial planning for business, reporting of results, and interpreting numbers.

Christine loves a good challenge, and happily her role at Invacare offers lots of them! “There is always room for improvement and you can be involved in so many areas if you are willing and have time to do so.”

Christine’s driving values include “fairness, and a positive and can do attitude towards anything in life” - qualities highly valued here at Invacare.

When not at work Christine likes to take her 13 year old blind dog, Coco, for walks. Christine loves animals! Christine also enjoys going to the gym and knitting. When asked to name her favourite performances she said “The Rent, Madam Butterfly and short play called Destiny which was written and directed by my husband.”

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