Meet Ben Blundell, Invacare's diligent Financial Controller

04 April 2019

Ben Blundell, Invacare’s Financial Controller, believes that “life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away”.*

That Ben is passionate about his role at Invacare is plain to see when you hear him discuss various aspects of his job: “Invacare is about making ‘Life’s Experiences Possible’ for the end users of our products.   To meet this objective, not only do we need amazing products, but we need to be easy to deal with throughout the whole value chain. While superior external customer service is a given, we also need to work seamlessly in the background, across functions, to make sure we deliver that great service.  The way we interact internally and knowing our internal customers and suppliers is important.”

Ben sees his responsibilities as being integral to achieving these objectives, saying, “the Finance team touch all parts of the business and our focus is to ensure we can collaborate across teams, provide the necessary information and coordination quickly and ensure everything is as efficient as possible.”

Ben’s professional career started off as an auditor with Deloitte for a number of years, after which he became a Chartered Accountant. “I then went overseas for 5 years and worked in Finance teams of large listed organisations in both Canada and the UK.”

In 2010 Ben moved back to New Zealand and joined Dynamic Controls/Invacare in the Finance team.  “Between 2010 and 2016 I progressed through the ranks from Accounting Manager to Financial Controller at Dynamic Controls then moved into the regional Financial Controller role for Invacare Asia Pacific in September 2017.”  

Ben has enjoyed his years at Invacare, saying, “being part of a Global Group allows for synergies and economies of scale.  It does bring complexities across multiple time zones and jurisdictions, however, that adds to the challenge and overcoming what is within your control can be rewarding.  The culture is friendly and family oriented with a great desire to grow and improve.”

Earlier years were spent in the resort town of Wanaka, New Zealand which Ben says “was a fantastic place to grow up and experience the outdoors.”  Later school years were spent in Nelson, New Zealand, another town celebrated for having the outdoors “on your doorstep.”

Driving values for Ben include “honesty, respect, and a can-do-will-do attitude.” Ben prides himself in being a hard worker and in displaying superior customer service through knowing his internal and external customers and suppliers.

When not at work his family and the great outdoors occupies Ben’s time: “I have two young kids and also enjoy fishing, mountain biking, hiking and skiing.”


*Maya Angelou


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