Invacare Relieved from Consent Decree Restrictions

16 August 2017

July 25, 2017 In recent years, Invacare has been leading a transformation journey that places the consumer and customer at the center 24/7/365.

With an uncompromising focus on quality, service, and talent, Invacare is building solutions that demonstrate a long-term commitment in empowering its customers. It is now easier to do business with Invacare. Effective immediately, Invacare Corporation is now able to make and sell power and manual wheelchairs from its Taylor Street facility without restriction under the Consent Decree.

The FDA informed Invacare that its quality system is in compliance and all sales restrictions have been lifted. Thus, the company can sell wheelchairs without the need for the Verification of Medical Necessity (VMN) documentation.

There is no question that the commercial transformation of Invacare is dramatic. Invacare has taken this opportunity to analyze all aspects of the business in order to make significant changes. With a combination of improved efficiencies, effectiveness, agility and innovation, the organization is set to experience decreased costs and increased speed to market, and expects significant top and bottom line growth.

The innovation pipeline with advanced technology will revolutionize the quality of care and outcomes for consumers. Powered mobility is a specific focus for Invacare that will bring incredible value to rehab, and no doubt change the future of the category. To our loyal partners, we extend a long overdue thank you.

We appreciate your patience and commitment to Invacare. As we emerge stronger than before, Invacare’s future is bright and we are committed to growing our businesses together. If there are any questions, please reach out to your Invacare Sales Representative or Customer Service Representative at 1-800-460-460. Sincerely, Geoff Purtill Managing Director Invacare Australia and New Zealand

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