Introducing Yasmien Khan, Executive Assistant to the Vice President and General Manager

25 February 2019

Yasmien Khan is our Executive Assistant to the Vice President and General Manager, in the Asia Pacific Region, and is generally considered the Invacare Australia/New Zealand “go-to” person. Yasmien says “Invacare is a great place to work as there is solid support for development and training, and we have a great group of people who are passionate about their work.”

Interacting across all levels of Invacare, internally and externally, Yasmien is a big believer in treating others as she would like to be treated. Hence, it is understandable that her driving values are leadership and integrity, and you will often find Yasmien living up to these standards - helping others, encouraging colleagues or family members to be the best they can, and offering advice. “Integrity is an essential value to have in this role.” Having worked as a PA or EA for most of her career, Yasmien enjoys the challenges of this often demanding role. Working across different departments has helped her gain experience in all aspects of the business. Organising functions is one task that Yasmien most looks forward to.

Yasmien, who grew up in Zimbabwe, moved to New Zealand 18 years ago with her family “for a better lifestyle”, and worked in the public and private health sector for around 16 years, with a variety of passionate people in the industry. Being surrounded by this passion is what Yasmien finds one of the most fulfilling aspects of her career.

When not at work Yasmien enjoys reading books (“I enjoy any genre, as long as it’s a good story!”), cooking a variety of multicultural cuisines, and catching up with friends and colleagues.

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