Introducing Steve Burgess, Business Leader Customer Power at Invacare

13 February 2019

Steve Burgess, our Business Leader Custom Power, is a fantastic salesperson who loves his job. Steve's favourite part of his role at Invacare is the interactions with the customers, seeing their joy and changing their lives for the better. Steve said “I just love setting up chairs for people who have been injured, maybe just out of the Spinal Cord Unit at the hospital. I really want to make a positive difference.

I also have return customers, who may require a different kind of chair a few years down the track. I form friendships with these people. It is a very fulfilling part of my job and brings me great happiness.”

One challenge that Steve particularly likes to focus on, is speeding up the process. Steve said “my biggest worry is that people have to wait to get chairs rather than getting them right away. It’s a process, and people start on a journey of looking at chairs, deciding on the best option, and then ordering. I like to speed this up to help people become self-sufficient as quickly as possible. I focus on putting urgency into delivering the chair to help the customer.” Steve, who has been with Invacare for 24 years, started off as a technician, then moved to rentals, then to a role managing the tech team, before he moved to his current position.

Steve was also previously heavily involved in staff training. Steve’s driving values include “being myself, being honest and reliable.” Steve takes great pride in focusing on friendships and loves getting to know people.

In his spare time, Steve’s four kids keep him busy, as does his church. He also likes to tinker, restoring old arcade games and making electric skateboards.

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