Introducing Nicole Cassidy-Koia, our Rentals Administrator

14 March 2019

It’s time to meet Nicole Cassidy-Koia, our Rentals Administrator, who is also known around the office as “lil boss”. Nicole’s favourite quote sums up her cheerful and genuine disposition perfectly: He aroha whakatō, he aroha puta mai – If kindness is sewn, then kindness you shall receive.

Nicole works with the Rentals Administration team processing queries and requests from our customers. “I also work closely with my managers and team members regarding processes and improving those processes.”

Nicole’s motivating pursuit at work is to improve upon communication - both internally and externally, in order to create a smoother workflow. “I typically speak and behave calmly and with composure, on the phone and around the office, to ensure customers and team members feel comfortable, and to encourage trust. When it comes to our customers, I like to have little chats with them when they call through to my extension. It’s just a lovely thing to do, building relationships and connecting with the Invacare community.”

Nicole comes from a family who has dedicated years to the Invacare way of life, with her father, Patrick, having worked with us for almost 10 years. “Myself and another work colleague called Josie, are often playfully referred to as the “Invacare babies” as both our parents have worked alongside each other in the Rentals Department for a decade now. My grandma has also had experience with Invacare being a rental customer so I have a fair idea of how it feels to be both an employee and a customer with Invacare and therefore I’m able to sympathise with our customers and show a lot of understanding when dealing with families of customers.”

Nicole loves her job at Invacare, saying “since working here I have become confident in many ways and I have met colleagues who have become like family. In saying this, we operate similarly to a family so our culture here is full of laughter, comfort and typical family values. Many opportunities have been given to me whilst I have been with the company and I have managed to develop myself both professionally and as a person through these opportunities.”

Nicole is also currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education at the University of Auckland. “Working with children and being an educator is something that I am passionate about, especially regarding education in low-decile schools or areas with low living standards.”

Nicole was raised by “two wonderful parents” who sacrificed to ensure she always had everything she needed and wanted. Nicole believes that education is key to unlocking a brighter future for young people and to help break out of the cycle of poverty. For Nicole, this has created a strong connection to working at Invacare because the position she is in requires her to have empathy and gives her the opportunity to feel she’s helping others. “One of my favourite things about Invacare is that it fulfils one of my deepest passions, which is being able to help people on a regular basis. The gratitude you receive from your customers is heart-warming and is something that drives me as a Customer Service Representative.”

When not at work Nicole loves to read! Her all-time favourite book is ‘I love my love’ by Reyna Biddy. She also reads a lot of Sarah Knight’s mindfulness books, which she says helps when stress levels are high in the work environment.

Nicole also writes a blog and enjoys exploring New Zealand. “I’m really into photography and have a strong connection with nature so I like to go hiking and photograph scenery. It helps when stress invades your mind and you need to declutter yourself so you can organise your thoughts.”

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