Great gifts for people with a disability

21 January 2019

Looking for gift ideas for a friend with a disability? We’ve compiled some suggestions that make the most of modern advances!

Smart home devices can become your ‘always available’ personal assistant. These advanced products can perform simple tasks - making reservations, scheduling, looking up facts, turning compatible electronic devices on / off, and even ordering products online. Plus, you’ve got songs and audiobooks on tap with Bluetooth speakers. Christmas carols here you come!

The most popular smart home speakers on the market are the Google Home Mini, and Amazon Echo Dot. Both items are available for purchase from around A$49 / NZ$52. While they’re widely available in Australia, they may be purchased from third-party retailers in New Zealand.

Robot vacuums are an excellent option for those with limited mobility, or limited time! They mean that you keep your living space clean without the back aching work of vacuuming. These little cleaners are packed with a multitude of sensors, which will map large areas, and clean accordingly. Most can be programmed to clean at certain times of the day and will head back to their charging stations to be recharged once the job is completed.

Robot vacuums can are available from most electronic distributors across Australia and New Zealand, and prices range from A$400 / NZ$421 to A$1,422 / NZ$1,499.

If you’ve got a larger budget for someone special how about a smartwatch? These “computers on your wrist” can help an individual with a disability on a daily basis. They can be used for scheduling and medication reminders, screening calls, tracking body statistics and a lot more.

The most widely available smartwatches in the market are the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Both devices are available from A$505 / NZ$527, though older versions may be available at highly discounted prices during the holiday period.

Entertainment Subscriptions
Netflix and chill. Limited mobility can make it hard to get out of the house so an entertainment subscription can be a great gift.

Some of the most widely available services in Australia and New Zealand include Netflix, Stan and Prime Video by Amazon. Prime Video is the
cheaper of the three, priced at A$6.99 in Australia and NZ$5.99 in New
Zealand. Subscriptions for Stan start at A$10 in Australia, and NZ$5.99 in New Zealand. Meanwhile, Netflix packages start at A$9.99 and NZ$14.99 in the respective countries.
Also, audiobook services such as Audible are available for $14.95 per month, and you’ll be charged in your currency based on the current exchange rate, and receive a free audiobook each month with this fee.

There are a variety of other services, such as Foxtel Now in Australia, and Neon TV and Lightbox in New Zealand. However, these may not have a library as extensive as Netflix and Prime Video.

Specialised backs and cushions will allow the user to sit in comfort for more extended periods as well as maintain posture. Invacare offers a wide variety of backs and cushions for all individuals.

House calls are a fantastic service for anyone, really. Perhaps a pampering session would make a thoughtful gift. Such as a pedicure, manicure, massage or haircut and style. Or there are more practical services such as gardening or cleaning.

Finding gifts for someone with a disability does not need to be difficult, and hopefully, this guide will make gift giving even simpler. On top of that, the majority of the products mentioned above are available online, making it easy to find and purchase them.

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