Mr. Bandari's Story

12 January 2018

Invacare's very own Zak Rehman had the pleasure of being able to make a great change to the daily life of Mr. Bandari on behalf of Invacare, describing the experience as extremely humbling. 80 year old Mr. Bandari is a multiple stroke patient who has lived with the condition for the past 15 years.

He has had his devoted wife by his side since day one and she has tirelessly done all the caring required to manage him on a day to day basis. Zak sat with him beside his hospital bed while he waited patiently for the discharge orders from the staff at the hospital. It was there he shared the pain he carries daily every waking minute of feeling that he is a burden on his family.

This made Zak think about the psychological battle a patient fights on top of a disability. There are a lot of hurdles that a disabled individual goes through and sometimes the equipment they need is not within reach for some reasons beyond their capacity.

On the 10/01/18, with the assistance of the Invacare staff, Mr Bandari was presented with his new Kuschall chair.

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