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XPO2 Portable Concentrator

XPO2 Portable Concentrator
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The new XPO2 Portable Concentrator is the newest addition to Invacare's proven line of home oxygen technologies.

The oxygen you need wherever you are Invacare´s XPO2 ™ is a truly portable oxygen concentrator, ideal for active and travelling oxygen dependent patients, who now have the ability to choose when, where and how they travel. Advanced pulse dose delivery of clinically efficient oxygen will keep even the most demanding user oxygenated. The XPO2™ is stylish in design and features a simple user interface, with everything brought together in a compact, lightweight, yet robust package.

Incredibly portable to promote user independence

Compact and lightweight, the Invacare® XPO2™ encourages ambulatory patients to make the most of their independent lifestyle. At only 2.9 kg the XPO2™ changes the way a “portable” concentrator is classified. The ability to charge and operate from any AC power outlet or DC vehicle socket allows you the independence that is often missing with more traditional forms of ambulatory oxygen. Supplemental batteries for XPO2 ™ means that time away from recharge points is now greatly extended, with each external battery providing 2.5* hours of autonomy.* Based on setting 2 breathing at 20 bpm.

Clinically efficient oxygen pulse delivery

Patient oxygen saturation benefits from the patented ‘non-linear pulse dose conserver’ in XPO2™ which has been designed to mimic the volume delivered by continuous flow. The conserver delivers only clinically beneficial oxygen at the beginning of inspiration allowing the maximum opportunity for gas exchange. With 900ml oxygen production, high oxygen purity, high trigger sensitivity, rapid response and comfortable bolus delivery, XPO2™ ensures patients stay oxygenated. XPO2™ produces therapeutic oxygen all the way upto 35 breaths per minute at all settings. Pulse dose settings from 1 – 5 allow XPO2™ to meet the demands of a broad range of patients.

Invacare® technology delivers the perfect ambulatory partner

XPO2™ from Invacare® is the perfect partner for reducing the cost of ambulatory oxygen, while still maintaining the highest levels of service. True portability and high clinical efficiency, together with the simple user interface, gives patients the confidence and freedom to travel. The oxygen provider benefits economically from the non-delivery model for the ambulatory patient’s oxygen needs. Invacare® offers the perfect ambulatory solution for both patients and providers.

The XPO2 is approved for use on Air New Zealand and other international airlines. Click here to find out more about traveling with oxygen.



  • Lightweight, easy to use, clinically robust
  • Reliable & durable
  • XPO2 come standard with a portable concentrator with carrying case, AC adapter, DC adapter, accessory bag and supplemental battery
  • Other accessories available separately


Product Weight

Approximately 2.7kg; 3.3 kg with optional supplemental battery


25.4 cm (H) x 17.8 cm (W) x 10.2 cm (D)

Conserving Flow:

Pulse dose delivery with settings 1-5


2.5 hour battery duration at setting 2; 5 hour battery duration with optional supplemental battery


Maximum oxygen capacity 900ml

Air Tubing:

Use with cannula/tubing up to 25 ft


Operating altitude 10,000 ft.

Power Consumption:

36 watts at setting 2











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