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SOLO2 Transportable Oxygen Concentrator

SOLO2 Transportable Oxygen Concentrator
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Going SOLO2: flexible oxygen therapy for greater independence

Invacare®´s SOLO2™ gives patients the freedom to be spontaneous and live life to the full. The flexibility to enjoy last minute plans, the freedom to travel light, with confidence and in safety. Flexible oxygen delivery via Sensi-Pulse™ and continuous flow makes SOLO2™ the first choice for providers and covers all patient requirements, from night and ambulatory to stationary treatment. SOLO2™ from Invacare® gives consumers a real low-cost alternative to traditional delivery methods through a non-delivery business model.

A solution to suit everyone

With the Invacare® SOLO2™, providers can treat oxygen patients in all situations. Night efficient treatment is delivered via 6 continuous flow settings (0.5 – 3.0 LPM) whilst 5 generous pulse flow settings provide the supplementary oxygen patients require during ambulation, for maximum autonomy. Designed to be a patient’s single source of oxygen, the SOLO2™ transportable oxygen concentrator features an easy-roll cart as standard and can be powered by AC, DC and rechargeable battery module.

First-class performance for total compliance

SOLO2™ employs proven and patented technologies to extract the highest possible fraction of oxygen from the surrounding air. The highly responsive and market-established Sensi-Pulse™ conserver delivers the oxygen early in the patients’ respiratory cycle to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.

Quietly efficient

Thanks to the innovative air flow path used in SOLO2™, users benefit from reduced noise levels of below 40 dB(A). Two silent fans ensure that the compressor is cooled to prolong life and reduce costs associated with product downtime. Invacare’s patented power-reducing software reduces maximum consumption to 135W; the SOLO2™ is another example of our commitment to high quality at an affordable cost. With all filters accessible from outside the cabinet, only minimum maintenance is required thanks to the patient outlet integrated HEPA filter.

Feature-packed for every lifestyle

The compact and ergonomic design of the SOLO2™ and folding carry handle allows for easy transport. An intuitive front panel incorporates a LCD user interface with clearly indicated operating conditions and alarms and colour coded LED oxygen purity indicators. A built-in DC/DC converter makes travelling simpler, reducing the number of bulky accessories. With outdoor use in mind, SOLO2™ meets the demands of IPX2 for water protection even in the most inclement weather conditions.


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Sound Level

~35 db @ 1 LPM continuous flow

~39 dB @ 2 LPM continuous flow

~42 dB @ 3 LPM continuous flow

<39 dB at all pulse dose settings


2.6 hours @ 2 LPM continuous flow

Continuous Flow

0.5 - 3.0 LPM, in 0.5 LPM increments

Conserving Flow

Pulse dose settings 1-5


42cm H x 28cm W x 20cm D


9kg (without cart)


Up to 7.5m.

2.1m cannula recommended with Pulse dose

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