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MK6i Electronics

MK6i Electronics
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MK6i is our newest series of power wheelchair electronics, and includes benefits for the Power Chair Client and Funder alike.

MK6i electronics include new driver controls with larger brighter LCD screens, a new easier to read display, intuitive programming options, a memory card, and new programmable features bringing increased independence to the user.

Best of all, it is based on the MK5 electronics platform to allow a smooth transition. If you can program MK5 electronics, you will be able to program MK6i. The MK6i platform will be introduced as the standard electronics system and will replace the MKIV and MK5 systems on a number of the Invacare Power Wheelchairs.

For a Mk6i software updater kit, please contact Technical Service

Currrently available on the new TDX SP Power Wheelchair.



  • 4Drive Modes
  • Speed Potentiometer
  • Built in Mode Switch
  • Large backlit display
  • Icon based graphics – viewed easily outdoors
  • 2 Mono Switch ports:  Remote on/off, Switch input (Programmable for up to two switches)
  • Memory card compatible

Power Module (Controller)

  • Four Controllers cover the entire current MK6i platform.
  • Non-Expandable system (one drive mode) to an Expandable system (four drive modes) simply by exchanging the Joystick controls. No Controller change required
  • System Software is in the Options
  • Controllers only Drive the motors

Display Device

  • Larger -Brighter LCD Screen
  • Icon Based Graphics
  • View All Drives At Once
  • View All Options Active in each drive
  • Scanning Options for access to all modes
  • Insert an SD Card, and the Display becomes the MK6 Programmer
  • Standard / Custom Program name displayed for  each drive


  • Based on a MK5 foundation – same rules, same menu structure, similar keystrokes
  • View values for all four drives at once
  • Saving changes is easier
  • Program Driving & Powered Seating from one location
  • View name of any Standard Program in a Drive
  • Create New Std. Programs
  • Help Info Key
  • Compatible with MK5 Systems
  • Can still use a MK5 programmer with access to EVERYTHING except “Help” screen
  • Three Scanning modes
  • Two viewing modes
  • Automatic Positioning
  • Programmable attendant control settings
  • Memory card


  • All Options use the same connector –into the same location
  • Sliding Lock Tab assures solid connections
  • Eliminates asking: 5-Pin?, 6-Pin?, 15 Pin?, etc. No more questioning the type of connector, or where to plug in
  • Eliminates the “Daisy Chain”
  • Reduces excess cables
  • Improves Aesthetics
  • Quickly add options as needed

Infrared -Coming Soon

  • Currently in Development
  • Will be an “Add-On Module” Compatible with 4 drive systems
  • Will be Provider / Users Choice to add to the System
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