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Top End Crossfire T7A

Top End Crossfire T7A
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Top End® Crossfire T7A Ultralight Wheelchair

Over 20 years of designing and building every day wheelchairs at Top End has meant balancing three critical factors: performance, strength and weight. In today's market there is not a better deployment of material technology, engineering ingenuity and performance-minded design than the new Invacare Top End Crossfire T7A wheelchair. Why? Four words. Super Light, Super Strong.

Super Light 

There was a little bit of magic in reducing the weight of the T7A wheelchair by 25%. The magic wasn't just our specialised capabilities in working with a 7005 alloy or meticulously carving weight out of more than 20 components. The real magic was re-engineering a wheelchair with unparalleled performance and making it better. The result?. A super light chair, designed for optimal performance.

Super Strong

How do you make a chair lighter and still make it strong? The ingenuity of the T7A wheelchair design is that it minimizes high-stress concentrations throughout the entire chair. Need proof? The T7A wheelchair outperforms the Quickie Q7 by nearly 7 times in an accelerated lifetime fatigue test. The competitive edge is Top End's expertise in fabricating and welding this metal, making a lighter chair, a stronger chair.


Seat width

30cm – 50cm (12"-20")

Seat depth

36cm-50cm (14"-20")


Available in 5 front frame angles: 70º, 75º, 80º, 85º

Axle positions


Wheel Options

56cm - 66cm (22", 24", 25", 26")

Front seat-to-floor

40cm - 53cm (16" - 21")

Rear seat-to-floor

36cm - 50cm (14" - 20")

Arm type

T- Arm, Swingaway

Back type

Folding, lock-down, angle-adj, back

Side guards

Fold-in, Folding, Removable
Weight capacity113Kg
Chair weight8Kg
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